Sunday, June 22, 2014

Talkeetna Appleseed

The first Talkeeta Appleseed Marksmanship Clinic was held June 14 & 15 at the Upper Susitna Shooters Association Range.

Nine American Patriots improved their Marksmanship skills and heard the true story of April 19, 1775 and the "Shot Heard 'round the World".

Hogmomma and Mrs. fisherdawg register the Patriots that braved the clouds, chill, and mosquitos while the Appleseed instructors and hogboys set up the range for the weekend event.

After the range safety briefing there was a presentation by two members of the McKinley Mountain Men Muzzle Loading Rifle Club.

 Love the smell of black powder in the morning! 

"The first target will be the Redcoat Target...

 ...really, it was this big, that's why they are called King Salmon... must have weighed at least 60 pounds...yup, that's why I'm called fisherdawg...

...13 rounds for the Redcoat target. One round for each of the original 13 colonies."


Prep magazines with 13 rounds!

Shooters, your preparation period begins now!

Shooters, with 13 rounds, LOAD!



Doug, (second from top), with his kids.  His father's day wish to spend quality time with his kids. 

During breaks the events of April 19, 1775 are presented.


 Back to the line and improving our Marksmanship.

Our Young Patriots earn their Appleseed Luther Blanchard patch!

Taking a break from the AQT grind to get some KD trigger time in with fisherdawg's M1 Garand and AlaskaRed's AR. 

You have to love an event that the breaks from shooting is more shooting!

After the break it was back to the AQT grind.

 After the last ATQ it was time for the final Redcoat target.

Everyone made amazing improvement in their Marksmanship skills over the weekend.

Two cooks become Riflemen!

Doug and his son Justin!

Justin's sisters are obviously very proud of their brother!

An awesome group of American Patriots!


Link to fisherdawg's After Action Report 

Link to Revolutionary War Veterans Association Project Appleseed 

Link to Upper Susitna Shooters Association 

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