Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Yukon Kuskokwim Delta

Here are a few pics from the Y K Delta.

Our crew quarters kitchen window faces the east so we get to see some amazing sunrises. The camera does not really show the true splendor.

Some of the pile-o-gear that we take on every flight. This does not include our "baby pod" and the equipment that we take on pre-term labor flights.

 The two Lifeports that we transport our patients on.

A few pics from our office windows.

More from the Delta

When we know that our patient needs to be at a hospital in Anchorage and the timing works out we do a ramp transfer to one of our Anchorage or Fairbanks based LifeMed Lear Jet or King Air crews.

 Re-fueling for our next flight.

To stay sharp and maintain our skills and various certifications we are required to attend up to 200 hours of continuing medical education each year.

Twice a year we attend a "sim lab" provided by the University of Alaska. Computerized manikins are used to simulate patients.

One of our Anchorage based crews getting a briefing for a flight.