Monday, April 21, 2014

The most important day in our country's history.


To celebrate the 239th anniversary of the "Shot Heard 'round the World" the hogfamily, along with fellow Patriots, attended a Project Appleseed event. 

In June and October 2013 we attended Appleseed shoots and during the October event hogdaddy accepted the Orange Hat and the honor of becoming an Appleseed instructor in training.

Hogmom and the hogboyz are honored to be the first Alaska Blue Hats.

Alaska's first Blue Hats registering patriotic Americans for a day of marksmanship and history!

 Instructor introductions.

First Redcoat target.

"Shooters, your preparation period begins now!"

"Load 13 rounds for the Liberty Volley"!


Time for some history.

Inches, minutes, and clicks.


Our Young Patriots earn their Appleseed Luther Blanchard patch!


Link to fisherdawg's ARR 

Link to Project Appleseed 

Link to our June 2013 Appleseed 

Link to our October 2013 Appleseed

On April 11th the hogboyz's home school co-op hosted a LibertySeed for local home school families.

Fisherdawg provided a most inspirational  presentation.

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