Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ok, we are going to try this blog thing


Please be patient with me as I am totally computer challenged.

I have been posting our adventures on several different websites. Most often on the Isla Mujeres, Mexico forum. It seemed a little odd to post our Alaska adventures on a Mexican website and it is a long story why we were posting on a Mexican forum....but that is a tail for another time.....(If I can figure out how to link our trip reports and adventures from there to here I will).

I am not much for writing as I am not too good at typing, I'm the only person in Alaska that is required to have a hunting license to type with, ("now where did that "b" go this time?), so I will be relying mostly on photos to tell about our adventures. That is if I can figure out how to post photos.

Well that wasn't too hard!



  1. Great start! I have a blog & will put a link on mine so people will find yours! Can't wait for more adventures! Another invite if you make it to New England!

    1. Thanks Ann,

      I have always enjoyed your blog. Your photos are amazing!
      I will do the link to yours when I get that figured out.

      Bill & Family

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of Blogging!!!

  3. Hey Bill, I can vouch for your typing skills! LOL. You guys are looking good. I hope winter finally leaves and we can all enjoy the summer!

    Kathy McLeron

  4. Hey Hog Fam,.... Great to find your blog, your pics are amazing,...(can you tell, I am not starting here, but backtracking from viewing a bunch of posts ??)
    Keep it up, pics are all you need to tell the story