Friday, August 9, 2013

Leavin' on a Jet Plane - (part 2 #1).The Adventure continues.

 Ken is happy to be in California...

  Robot is happy Ken is in California...

For our next adventures we started at the upper Klamath River area. In my childhood days my family would visit here quite often. My mother was fond of  Happy Camp. She was a rockhound, especially for jade, and there is a lot of jade in the area. I can recall eating lunch on top of a jade boulder that was the size of a small house.

We spent several days at Seiad Valley.

The RV park was great. The Seiad Cafe has great food and the staff is wonderful.

In our quest to find the jade mine we took the BRT on a few roads that have never seen an RV. 

The road became too narrow for the BRT so we did not make it to the jade mine.

So we hung out in Happy Camp with Bigfoot instead.

Is that a grin on robot's face? Now why would he be smiling?

So what's for breakfast?

We spent a couple of days at Seiad Creek just hanging out, swimming, and enjoying the great weather.

We spent a night at a really nice RV park that had cabooses that were made into hotel rooms.

Near Lava Beds National Monument.

Ice caves. It was nearly 100 degrees and just a few feet underground there is ice.

 One of several Glass Mountains that are in California.

 No rock hounding for obsidian allowed here so we moved on.

We spent a couple of days near Davis Creek California at some obsidian mines. 

Robot gets into obsidian mining.

"Oh look!", says Ken.  "Shiny things!!!"    (Now why am I not surprised that Ken likes shiny things?)

Oh Robot!

Next we moved on to Carson City Nevada. We stayed at a great RV park that is at the Gold Dust Casino.

The Grubstake Restaurant was really nice, the food was great and cheap. The staff was the best.

Everyone at the Gold Dust treated us well. If you need an RV park in Carson City this is the place and it is close to Virgina City.

We spent several hours in Virgina City. It is touristy but fun.

We took a short round trip train ride to Gold Hill.


The next day Michelle and Shane rode the Virginia & Truckee Railroad from Carson City to Virgina City.

 From Virgina city we returned to Northern California.


  1. So nice you're getting to do this with your boys. My family did similar trips along the east Coast when I was growing up--saw a lot of Civil War battlefields & other highlights! ( we camped in a tent)

  2. Dear Hog Family, we just wanted to write you an e-mail and send you some photos of Cologne, our home town - then we noticed that stupidly I deleted all my mails and thereby lost your e-mail address :-( We'd love to hear from you again - hope everybody's doing fine! All the best Carolin and Marcel from the Welcome-to-California-sign :-) (carolinw at