Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Crow Creek Mine.

Yup....you can always tell when the hogfamily is about to start on another adventure by the pile-o-stuff.

This was a day trip so we packed light.

The Crow Creek Mine is about a hour or so south of Anchorage near Girdwood.

The mine is a great place to spend the day.


If you want to look for a little gold they have everything you need.

They provide a panning demonstration and even give you some dirt salted with a few flakes of gold to get you started.

Then you can head to the creek and strike it rich! 

There is some interesting old mining equipment to check out.

Well did we strike it rich? Um....lets just say we won't be quitting our day jobs.......

We did have a lot of fun trying.

You can check out the buildings and mining equipment at the mine. Most are from the 1890s.

Another great day in Alaska!

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  1. Thanks for including us on another adventure! Love all the old shoes on the wall.