Sunday, May 4, 2014

hogboyz Hair Adventure

"May the Fourth be with you!" 

May 4 is considered a holiday by Star Wars fans to celebrate the franchise's films series, books and culture. The date was chosen as "May the 4th" due to its sounding similar to the series' phrase "May the force be with you" in which fans commonly say "May the fourth be with you".

During spring of 2010 a Star Wars exhibit came to the Anchorage Museum.

When our boys first heard of the exhibit coming to Anchorage, being Star Wars fans, they decided that they needed to grow Padawan braids for the event.

You know, Padawan braids;

"A Padawan braid was a type of braid worn by Jedi Padawans who were of species that grew hair on their heads; although some hairless Padawans fashioned braids out of silka beads and other materials. When a Padawan was declared a Knight, the braid was shorn off with a lightsaber."

Later that year we went to Isla Mujeres Mexico for several weeks. We took the hogboyz's cousin with us. 

On our stop in Northern California to pick her up we had some fun with Star Wars near where some of Return of the Jedi was filmed.

May the Force be with you!

 We even had Jabba the Slug.

While in Mexico Antonia decided that she needed to have her hair braided. The hogboys decided that they needed their Padawan braids braided.

The boys kept their braids for quit a long time.

Sometime after we returned to Alaska the boys were watching a show on TV about kids with cancer and the organizations that take donated hair and make it into wigs for the kids that have lost their hair from cancer treatment. 

About the same time they learned that a mother of one of their friends had breast cancer. She had lost her hair during treatment.  Her husband and son shaved their heads in solidarity. Thankfully she has recovered.

On their own, our most wonderful boys, decided that they would continue to grow out all their hair to donate so that wigs could be made for kids that lost their hair because of cancer. 

So for the next four years they grew their hair...

About two weeks before the hogboyz were to get their hair cut 
we were honored to hang out with our favorite Alaska dog musher Dee Dee Jonrowe who is a cancer survivor.

"We love you Dee Dee!"

Well the the day finally arrived for the hogboyz to get their hair cut.

Bridgeway, our home school co-op,  held a fund raiser for our spring field trip to Fairbanks. Our boys decided this would be a good time to get their hair cut. They decided to sell the "cutting of the hair" to the highest bidders to contribute to the field trip fund. Hogmom and hogdad committed to matching the amount raised to send to Wigs for Kids along with their hair.

We had a wonderful dinner professionally served by our students.

There was a silent auction for some awesome items.


A live auction for some yummy deserts.


All the students dressed up as famous people that had learning challenges and presented some information about their character  and we had to guess who they were.

Any guesses who the hogboyz are?

A live auction for some amazing Alaska adventures.

 And then the time arrived...

On the auction block.

 Pastor Jessie starts the auction with Shane.


Next Daniel.




Well...Joseph and Travis decided that they needed to go for the smooth look...

 325 dollars was the total that was raised during the auction for the privilege of cutting their hair! So $325 for their Fairbanks field trip and $325 for Wigs for Kids! 

We are proud of our hogboyz!


  1. Thanks for sharing the stories & great photos!

  2. Crying tears of happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!! Growing, cutting and shaving your hair will be an adventure you four will never forget!!!!

  3. absolutely are raising young men of conscience and empathy....great job Mom and Dad!

  4. What a great yarn. Lovely kids too.