Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport

"Oh I really have to have my photo taken with the moose?..."

"Yes...yes son you do..."

As a flight paramedic based in Bethel Alaska I travel through the Anchorage Airport about 50 times a year.
I have been in a lot of airports and I think our airport is the best. It is just the right size. Big enough to have a nice variety of shops and restaurants and small enough to easily get around.

I thought I would provide a mini tour of our airport for visitors to Anchorage and Alaska.

Throughout the airport there is a variety of wildlife and Alaska Native handicraft and artwork displays. There is even an Alaska bush plane.

There is an Alaska Native art collection with amazing displays. A great way to spend time while waiting for your flight.

There is a bar with a very large screen TV in the upper deck. Under 21 years old have to have an adult with them even to look at the displays.

The upper deck is a great place to watch ground and flight operations. 

Here is something that you hope to never see in the summer!

 De-icing an Alaska 737.

Arrivals, (through the domestic terminal), are generally B and C Concourses.

B  Concourse.

 Follow the geese...

 C  Concourse.

Both concourses lead here.

Sometimes, just beyond this exit, those that are going on organized tours, cruses, or have transportation waiting for them will find a representative from the company waiting.

To the right is the A and L Concourses.

A is the main floor and L is one floor down. 

A and L are where most of the local flights depart and arrive. Places like Kenai, Soldotna, and Homer.

Downstairs from the exit is where most of the cruse and tour representatives are know the cute girls holding the Princess Tours signs...

Down stairs and left is the Anchorage Visitor Information center...


...and rows of guide books for most of Alaska.

Next is the baggage carousels / claim for B and C gates.

There is downtown and hotel transportation available.

Taxi's are outside, to the right, and across the ramp. 

So where do you go if you have a rental car waiting for you?

If you were smart you had your rental car company park your car near the exit then you just hop in, drive to baggage, load up, and be on your way!

Ok...I jokes...

Car rental companies are down the stairs...

 ...left at the Halibut...

...down the stairs...   (There are elevators available)

...through the tunnels...

 ...and there you are.

When your visit to Alaska and Anchorage comes to an end and it's time to leave Alaska Airlines has scales and packing tape available near their check in counters. 

You can weigh your baggage and redistribute all the awesome Alaska souvenirs you bought and the fish you caught so that you don't have to pay for overweight bags.

The TSA officers and staff at the Anchorage Airport are the most professional, friendly, and efficient that I have encountered at any airport I have been through.

Hanging out at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport airport with Senator Ted Stevens, (Uncle Ted), a few months before his untimely and tragic passing in an airplane crash.

                            We miss you Uncle Ted!

  Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (link)


  1. Very informative. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It was fun doing it. Except when I had to explain to the TSA and Airport Police why I was taking all the photos...Well they said they understood...but they sure kept an eye on me.

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  3. Hi.
    Very useful tips !
    Thank you , I knew where to go. I spent 20days wonderful days in Alaska

    1. You are most welcome!
      Happy that you had a a great visit.