Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Talkeetna is one of our favorite places.
Here is a few photos from our visit last weekend.

 Nagley's Store is one of our favorite places. We like the old time country store atmosphere.

  While at Nagely's who did we see?

 Mayor Stubbs!
This was his second official day back at work after a long recovery.

Mayor Stubs recovering after dog attack. (link)

After a nice visit with Mayor Stubbs we had a great dinner at Twister Creek Restaurant.

You may have noticed that hogboy Travis was missing. He spent the weekend with a friend that was having some difficulty dealing with a grandparent that has been recently diagnosed with cancer.


  1. Joseph is soooooooooooooooooooooo tall and smiles just like you Bill. Loving Danny's hair and Shane hasa had a major growth spurt!!! Hi Michelle - lovely as ever and Bill - you're my favorite! Talkeetna....I love that place too!
    Hi Robot - need some new art work! Love to Travis.

    1. Love back to ya! Well y'all will just have to go to Talkeetna with us this next summer!

      Joseph is about an inch taller than me.

  2. All your photos brought back many great memories the day I visited Talkeetna in 2006.
    Good for Mr. Stubbs, he looks like he would be everyone's friend, I liked Talkeetna the best of any place I went in AK. Big fan and listener of KTNA!

    1. Talkeetna is a favorite of ours. We like to visit during tourist season and the off season. It has a different feel depending on the season.