Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A little of our July 4 week

We spent last week at our cabin in Willow.

For the Forth celebration there was a parade. 

Willowbilly style!

At the community Fourth Party there was a live band!

The Carhartt Brothers!

"Jimmy Bob"   "Regular Bob"   "Banjo Bob" 

"Three brothers separated at birth. " Bob" playing guitar, " Bob" banging on the bass , and "Bob" ok, it's a banjo...enough said! Our folks were very creative in naming us!"
Carhartt Brothers link 

Yup!  Willowbillies know how to party!

Earlier in the week...

Some fox kits that live in a culvert near our cabin.

Travis and Joseph help build a cover for the Talkeetna shooting range.

Coming soon - Aunt Catz and Uncle Bob visit the hogs in Alaska!

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