Friday, July 25, 2014

Chugach Appleseed July 12-13



Eighteen American Patriots spent the weekend improving their marksmanship skills and learning about the events on April 19, 1775.

By the end of the weekend marksmanship skills greatly improved and one cook became an Appleseed Rifleman!

The instruction starts with the most important lecture of the 
weekend.  The Four Safety Rules.

"The first target will be the Redcoat Target...

...yup, there I was, just me and my trusty Leatherman Multi-tool. No food, no shelter, no fire, wild hungry wolves surrounding my camp...

 ...13 rounds for the Redcoat target. One round for each of the original 13 colonies."

Six Steps of Firing the Shot

 During breaks we hear the stories of April 19, 1775.

Eight fine young American Patriots earn the Appleseed Luther Blanchard patch.

"Luther Blanchard was an eighteen-year-old fifer when the Revolutionary War broke out. He was wounded in the fighting at the North Bridge in Concord—but not badly enough to keep him from continuing to march with the Acton Militia Company throughout the day."

Sunday started with a review of   The Four Safety Rules, Line Commands, Steady Hold Factors, Natural Point of Aim, and Six Steps of Firing the Shot.


Sean, aka Medicus, earns the coveted Rifleman patch!

And accepts the Orange Hat!  (Instructor in Training.)

A great weekend of friendship, patriotism, history, and marksmanship!


 link to RWVA Project Appleseed

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