Tuesday, July 29, 2014

BobCatz visit hogs.

We recently had the pleasure of hosting our good friends, make that family, from Texas Uncle Bob and Aunt Catz.

We first met them, in person, summer of 2010 when we were on Isla Mujeres Mexico.

We had been reading Catz blogs and she had been reading our Isla trip reports and Alaska adventures for a couple years.

On day we were on a beach on Isla Mujeres when I heard a voice yelling, "It's the hogfamily!".

That was the start of many awesome adventures together on Isla and here in Alaska.

The next summer Aunt Catz came to Alaska for a visit. (Uncle Bob had to stay home and work).

Anyways...Uncle Bob and Aunt Catz spent a couple weeks with us this summer and here is a few photos from some of our adventures.

The first day was Uncle Bob's birthday so of course we had to take him to see Mr. Whitekeys and The Whale Fat Follies.

What's this? Photo bombed by Mr. Whitekeys?

 Whale Fat Follies link

(From here on not going to do a day by day just some of the highlights).

Alaska Aviation Museum.

Alaska Aviation Museum  link

  Whittier and Hope with a few stops along the way.

Swiftwater Seafood Cafe Link
Whittier Link
Portage Glacier Visitors Center  Link

 Hanging out with Gold Rush Peck in Hope.

Gold Rush Peck  link
Hope Alaska   link

Matanuska Glacier.

Robot noticed that Ken seemed to be uncomfortable riding in his special spot.

Robot, being the good friend that he is, decided Ken needed to ride where he could have a better view of the Alaska scenery.

Robot says, "Ok Ken, lets go!"

Uh-oh this is going to be trouble.

Oh Robot!

Looks like Ken needs a little help getting across the creek. 

  Oh Robot!

Matanuska Glacier  Link


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