Friday, July 31, 2015

East Coast - Here We Come!

After Chicago we headed from Joliet towards the East Coast and Boston with the intention of stopping at several places.

The weather put a damper on that plan as we were chased by thunder storms, rain, flood warnings, more rain, and tornado warnings along our route. 

We decided to haul butt towards Boston.  Well it did not take as long as I thought it would so when we were near Boston we had a couple extra days before our RV park and rental car reservations.

I asked the hogboys where they would like to spend a couple of days nearby. After checking out our maps they said; "Maine!"

So off to the Southern Coast of Maine we went. We ended up in Saco / Old Old Orchard Beach.

A local suggested to us that we might, " a drive upta Down East and dinner at a Lobstah Shack".

Not a bad view for dinner, ayuh?

Here comes dinner!

Well I was going to take a photo of our lobstah dinner...but when it arrived we all dug in and forgot about photos...

The next day the rain and thunderstorms caught up with us.

This was the first time on the trip that the weather kept us somewhat inside. It was ok though we caught up on laundry, postcards, and rest.

The next day started out with thunderstorms and rain. That afternoon the sun came out so we went to the beach.

 Had to get our feet wet in the Atlantic Ocean.

Too soon it was time to pack up the BRT and head towards Boston.



  1. I just read that you were here on the East Coast. So hope you enjoyed your visit to Maine & Boston--I went to college in Maine & was brought up just outside of Boston & worked in the city several times during college summers & after school for awhile. Can't wait to read more about the lobstahs & pahking!

  2. We had an amazing time during our, (too short), visit to the East Coast, We loved Boston, (not he traffic though).

  3. Yes, driving in Boston is a trip--the roads make no sense. I usually drive in & park & walk!