Monday, July 27, 2015

What we did on our summer vacation.

So where is the hogfamily off to this time?...

"Oh dad, do we really have to get our picture taken with the moose?"

"Yes, yes you do."

 Waiting for our flight at the Anchorage Airport.

Yup, Robot and Ken too.

 Happy fliers.

We started out in Northern California to visit friends and family and to pick up our RV the BRT.

After a quick visit we loaded up the BRT with the essentials and hit the road for a quick drive to Southern California.

We spent time visiting friends, rock hounding, hiking, and just chillin'.

 Spent some time chasing the blue stuff at the turquoise mine.

We have been blessed to have met Victor about a year ago. He owned the turquoise mine from 1953 through 1987.

He is a most wonderful man. He is eighty five years old and as sharp as ever. 

He is an amazing rock hound, miner, jewelry maker, silver smith, and now our adopted grandpa.

Grandpa Victor showing us how to cut and polish turquoise.

This is a pendant he made for Michelle from turquoise he mined in the '70s.

Here is a ring he made for me also from turquoise he mined in the 70s

We spent a day at Pala Chief / Oceanview Mine in Pala California. We had a great time digging and found some nice gems.

We stopped in Hesperia California and had a short visit with our Friend Antonio. (One of the Barter Kings).

(Many of the photos throughout this adventure were taken by Shane and Michelle.)


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