Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Mother Road

Next we hit the road on the ultimate road trip.

The Main Street of America
Will Rodgers Highway 
The Mother Road

Route 66

Many, (many, many), years ago, when I was a wee lad, My family used to watch a TV series called Route 66.  It was a weekly show about two guys that traveled Route 66 in a Corvette. They would stop in a town, get into fights, rescue the pretty girl, and ride, er, drive off to their next adventure in the 'vet. 

Another thing that help inspire our trip on The Mother Road was when I lived in Southern Nevada, (also many, many, years ago),  my friends and I would try to find parts of old Route 66 in Southern California and Arizona. They were often only dirt roads that we rode our motorcycles on.

And there is the movie Cars. It is one of our favorite movies.

Many places, buildings, objects, and characters in the movie were inspired by the originals along Route 66.

Add that all up, and include the movie RV, and you have all the makings for an awesome road trip! 

So with all that we decided we needed to... "Get our  Kicks on Route 66!"

(And our boys insisted that we had to... "Stand on a Corner in Winslow Arizona").

 "...It winds from Chicago to LA.
More than two thousand miles all the way.
Get your kicks on Route Sixty-Six..."

Being the hogfamily from Alaska we had to do Route 66 backwards. Those that do Route 66 backwards are known as the 10%ers...Hey, that's how we roll.

Had to get our feet wet in the Pacific Ocean.

You will notice that we did not include the many wonderful Route 66 attractions and sites between the pier and Barstow / Kingman AZ. . This is because in the past we have traveled the Southern CA to Kingman sections of Rout 66 many times and kinda skipped many of the Rt 66 attractions this trip. 

Next day we started out early from Barstow California.

The following are the first photos I took...They kinda looked like road kill so I decided on first photo...

Some of the attraction of Route 66 is the old businesses and attractions that did not survive after they were bypassed  by the Interstate.

There are a lot that have survived. 

 This is where the movie Bagdad Cafe was filmed.

Yup, that's my boys...

Kingman Arizona and a visit with the Colbaughs. They are the miners and producers of Kingman Turquoise.

Marty Colbaugh, his son Josh, and their staff spent a lot of time with us furthering our turquoise knowledge and giving us a behind the scenes look at their operation.

Kingman Turquoise (link)

Grand Canyon National Park.

We planned to do lot of hiking throughout the park. Robot and Ken were all ready for the hiking adventures.

Well we started with good intentions to do a lot of hiking, posing for photos, and taking photos of the Canyon.

Then it happened...

We got kicked out of the park...

Yup, the whole hogfamily, even Robot and Ken, kicked out of Grand Canyon National Park...

Well a large part of the park anyway.

So what happened? 

Lightening, thunder, rain, hail, lightening. Seems last year they had a hiker struck by lightening so now when there is lightening they shut down the park to hikers.

Robot, being the friend he is, offered Ken to the park rangers as a lightening rod. They declined his generous offer.

We were able to do some hiking near the Visitor's Center between thunder storms.

The Grand Canyon is an amazing place. Photos will never show the true grandeur. Only when you peer over the edge and see with your own eyes can you see how spectacular the Canyon is.

Yabba - Dabba - Doo

Back on Route 66.

Uh oh! I hope Robot doesn't have a flashback!

Meteor Crater (link)

Back on The Mother Road.

Where's Ken?

 Oh, Robot...


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